JD (luvrentboy) wrote in lacqueredmales,

Hey all My name is JD and I am from Boston Mass. Here is what I am looking for. I want in internet boyfriend. I know that sounds weird and kinda immature, but I want one anyways. I have a live in bf and he is the love of my life, but unfortunately he is not a punk boy (my ideal bf). We have been together for 5 years and it was suggested that I get an online bf to talk to about punk rock stuff. Someone with peircing, tattoos and an overall punk style. Someone I can trade pix with and chat with online and shit like that. Nothing Mushy or lovey dovey. Just a cute dude, with similar interests.

Here is my profile:
I have bright red hair, blue eyes, smooth skin. Left ear peirced 4 times in the left lobe (one with a 0g) and 2 in the other (also 0g). 3 cartilidge peircings and and eyebrow. (toungue and labret soon to come). I have 3 tattoos. One of comedy tragedy on my calf, a symbol for my bf on my shoulder and a huge skull on my forearm with a flag that says Mom underneath it. I am about 5'8'', medium build smooth chest and arms. Masculine and hardcore. My pic in my icon is kind of old. Definately different hair, but you get my face.
I love all kinds of Punk music. That includes the newbies that people love to hate, like Good Charlotte and Mest. But I also love all the older stuff, Ramones, STP, Sid and Nancy, etc etc.
I am in the Rocky Horror Picture Show, I play Eddie.
I am a fan of the show RENT
I usually wear band shirts and jeans, or if I go out something with bondage straps and chains. Especially love camo gear.

So if you are interested in having an internet punk boyfreind, Hit me up. Ya never know..It could be cool.
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